Why I Wear a Mask, and Why I Got the Vaccine

Gavin Andrus
3 min readMar 19, 2021


Years ago I remember getting the chance to go scuba diving while I was on a youth swim team. We were all super excited to get to scuba dive, even though it was only in the swimming pool.

To start they had us in the shallow end while we got used to the breathing before plunging into the deep end. I was one of the last ones that got to go, due to this, we were running out of time so we just plunged into the deep end.

At first, I felt fine, but then the deeper I went, the more I felt like I was suffocating. I motioned to my guide that I needed to come up. I got up and ripped my mask off and took a big breath. I told my guide how I was feeling. They let me know that with scuba diving breathing feels different, it is something that you have to get used to doing. We then went back into the water, started just with my face in, got used to the breathing, and then we went deeper.

This experience reminds me of today and having to wear a mask due to COVID. When I first started to wear one, I didn’t enjoy it, I still don’t enjoy it, but I am used to it. But from my experience, I have seen the masks work. I work in an elementary school, last school year, my coworkers and I got sick a few times. This year the only time we have gotten sick was when we got the vaccine. Also, at my dad’s work, they have had some people come to work with symptoms, due to mask-wearing and social distancing where possible, it did not spread to a single person.

I know mask-wearing is hard and can make it feel like it is more difficult to breathe. But I have seen that they work.

I have now received both doses of the vaccine. It has been over 3 weeks since I received the second dose. About an hour after I received the first dose I felt tired and went to bed early that night. The next day I was a little bit zombie-ish due to having no energy. My arm also hurt, but the second day I felt great as if nothing had even happened.

The second dose was great. I received it right after school and I had so much energy from it. I was up almost till midnight cleaning! My arm didn’t even hurt and had no symptoms from it.

While I am not a scientist or a medical professional, this is just what I have witnessed and experienced. We all have our choice. Just as I believe people should have the choice to wear or not wear a mask, businesses have the same choice to allow or not allow someone to enter without a mask on.

I think people too many people hide behind data and statistics. Instead of sharing research articles and graphs, we should share our personal experiences. I personally can’t prove if an article used correct info, but I can share what I have been through. What are you going to share?



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